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Congo J C Aviary Secrets

congo african grey

Every time a group of Congo African grey parrots comes at a rehabilitation Centre inside the Republic from the Congo. It’s a situation for both equally joy and disappointment. The joyful portion is due to the truth that the birds are actually removed from the palms of wildlife traffickers. The folks who captured them from […]

All You Need To Know About Congo Grey Parrots

Congo Grey Parrots

Feeding your Congo Grey Parrots a balanced diet may also help keep the pet nutritious for decades. Retailer-purchased parrot pellets ought to account for a lot of the foodstuff it eats. In addition to pellets, offer a smaller serving of fresh fruits or veggies in the mornings and evenings to forestall calcium and vitamin A […]

What is the African Grey?

African Grey

African Grey have numerous shades of grey plus the hen has quite distinct red tail feathers. These birds have bare white face patches, black beaks and often brilliant, usually pale, silvery yellow eyes. A lot of the grey contour feathers are edged with white. This gives them a clean, lacy visual appearance. African greys appreciate […]

5 Essential Elements For Grey Parrot

Grey Parrot

Here we are going to discuss grey parrot. The pink colouration with the tail feathers is found as a consultant of both menstrual blood and the intense red oil in the oil palm upon which it feeds. The birds’ vocal mother nature led to their characterization in Yoruba folklore as spies and sentinels. Having said […]