Imagine you come back home after a long, tiring day, and as you enter through the door, your cute little pet welcomes you into the house, not by jumping over you and licking you but rather in a complete, vocal voice. It greets you and welcomes you in its sweet, charming voice. Yes, your African Grey parrot will talk to you when you come back home, and all your tiredness will go away in a minute!

African Grey parrots are one of the most intelligent, highly social, and talkative species among their fellows. They are known for their distinct features and outstanding mimicry ability. This fascinating parrot species will be your best companion whether you live alone or have a family and if you have kids, then trust me, these birds will be the source of their happiness. If you want to know how? Then keep reading!

The African Grey parrot – as the name suggests – is a gray bird with a dark beak, but that is not all; the bird is not just monochrome. The African grey parrot has orange eyes, and when you look closely, a stunning red tail peeks out from under the black feathers. It is a medium-sized bird resembling a pigeon, but the African Grey Parrot is reputed as the most intelligent bird of all and hence is known as “The Einstein of the bird world.” The aptitude of this bird lies in the fact that it quickly picks up what you are saying or teaching, mimics whatever you are saying, and with time also begins to understand what your words mean or illustrate. This hallmark of the African Grey Parrot makes it way more desirable and fun compared to the renowned green parrots with red beaks. The green parrots may be eye-catching owing to their bright color, but the African Grey Parrot raises the bar with its distinct traits of being chatty and smart learning.

The African Grey parrot dates back to the Biblical era when they were kept as pets belonging to the oldest species of psitticine. If you want to keep an African Grey Parrot as your pet, that would be a great choice -just in case – There are two equally amazing options you can opt for. The two species among the African Grey Parrot are the CAG, short for Congo African Grey (Psittacus erithacus erithacus), also known as the red-tailed grey parrot. At the same time, the second one is Timneh African Grey (Psittacus erithacus timneh), abbreviated as TAG. Among the two, Congo African Grey is the larger one with variable shades of gray but a constant red tail and black beak. On the other hand, the Timneh African Grey is a smaller bird with shades much deeper than the Congo African Grey and a horn-colored beak, but you can find various colors ranging from maroon to deep black when it comes to the tail of the Timneh Grey subspecies. Depending on your preference, you can choose any one of these because both of these birdies are great pets and chirpy buddies!

The birds are easy to go as they are socially active birds, but they do require love and care. Owing to their intelligence and agility, these birds are sensitive and demanding in the sense that they need quality time and a fixed routine. Any changes in their routine can cause behavioral eruptions and sadness. If you ask about any bad habit these birds may have, then the one thing is plucking or chewing of their own feathers. Apart from this, the birds do not like to be cuddled and petted, meaning they are not a big fan of the physical love language. According to research, the larger one, Congo African Grey, does not prefer crowds, but the smaller one, Timneh African Grey, tolerates them better. So the best strategy to keep your African Grey Parrot happy is ‘the little the better.’ However, they are amusing and fun birds who love socializing with their owners. They love to talk and learn, which makes them easy pets. Overall, the African Grey Parrots are worthy of your time, money, and love! They will replicate all the love back and will be your best buddies in solidarity!

When it comes to food and diet, the birds love eating fruits, leaves, grains, seeds, and palm nuts. All kinds of grains and nuts that are rich in vitamins A and D are the best ones for the birds. In terms of veggies, they would love to eat a cooked sweet potato and fresh kale. It is recommended that they be given food in a way that they can grasp, bite and play with their food. It gives them a feeling of still being in the wild. Take care of their diet and health to keep them happy, warm, and enthusiastic.

The African Grey Parrots are the most vocal, loud, and intelligent bird species in the parrot world. Their distinctive attributes and ability to learn quickly, may that be words, phrases, shapes, or colors, make them a desirable choice as house pets. They will serve as amazing companions and fulfill your house with chirp! These will be fantastic as house birds. Their superiority over other birds belongs to their astounding speech qualities and subtle beauty! They are easy to train and homeschool. Having African Grey parrots in the house will be an amusement for you as well as your family and friends. If you don’t already have an African Grey parrot, whether the Congo African Grey Parrot one or Timneh African Grey Parrot, you are missing out! African Grey Parrot farm has the best, well-kept species of African grey parrots that you can buy at reasonable prices! Get your African Grey Parrots from the African grey parrot farm and have endless companionship, fun, and enjoyment with your chirpy fellow!

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